GLC V2 Changelog

Up to date changelog for Game Launcher Creator V2

Version 1.31

  • - AOPS is now run independently, allowing you to also update your launchers
  • - Added new instance checking feature. If another instance of the Launcher is running, it won't run
  • - Added new AOPS and updater download strings (now showing minutes/seconds remaining instead of just seconds)
  • - Build Launcher window reset to not ALWAYS ON TOP

Version 1.3

  • [BUGS]
  • - Some users experiencing issues with welcome screen, you can now turn this off via prefs.ini with [extras] welcomescreen=0
  • - Fixed Renamer (wasn't appending tlg extension but replacing)
  • - Sometimes, deleting an object with the popup menu caused a crash, this is now fixed
  • - Added new 'Suppress Up to Date Message' for built-in Updater
  • - Added Progress Bars to the built-in AOPS patching system
  • - Added Project File Backup Feature (When you load a project, it will backup the last copy)
  • - Added boost to download speeds with AOPS
  • - Added new backup feature. GLC will automatically backup a project when you open, so you can restore if you save but need to revert back
  • - Added new DEBUG feature to launcher. Run your compiled launcher with a shortcut using /D1 on the commandline to output a debug file in %appdata%\launcher name\

Version 1.2

  • - Updated AOPS routine (included renamer and new patch instruction to rename files)
  • - Fixed a few UI bugs
  • - Fixed bug in EDITOR frame (GET String - wasn't saving POST and GET texts in REBUILD LAUNCHER sequence)
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