Build your own Dynamic Game Launchers...No Programming Required!

GameGuru Game Launcher

We now present to you, Game Launcher Creator compatible with GameGuru games.

The Game Launcher Creator enables you to design and develop your own game launchers for any game engine, including GameGuru. It comes complete with a professional WYSIWYG editor (no coding involved at all), and it’s not “just” your basic game launcher creator. I knew whilst I was developing it, that it would have to contain some real cool features either never seen before or at least “modern”.

Built-in Updater
It contains a built-in updater. This is a must for any Game Launcher these days. You can configure it in literally less than a minute and it works directly with your server and your game files.

A full What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor. You design and develop your Game Launcher by simply dragging objects into your Game Launcher, sizing them, positioning them and configuring them.

Inside GLC is a full-range of exclusive objects to drop into your game launcher. This includes:

Server (Cloud) Images
You can include Cloud based images into your Game Launchers. This will enable you to update your Game Launcher by simply replacing the images in the cloud (your server) or the destination where the images are hosted. Your users then get update the instant you upload it.

As well as the Cloud-based images for your game launcher, you can also include local images (shipped with your game launcher). Almost every image type is supported.

You can insert static text into your game launchers. Choose fonts, sizes and colours for your text strings.

Dynamic-Server Text
Ever wanted to show how many people are playing online? What about a real-time newsflash? How about some text updates? It’s all possible with GLC. You can design dynamic text strings that retrieve information from online through PHP. This allows you to update the text string dyamically, whether it’s to show how many players are currently playing your game or how many maps are available for download. You can insert an unlimited amount of these strings.

Design your own buttons inside the game launcher itself. Import your own graphics and then assign an action to the button (Launch/Webpage/Update/Exit) etc.

Video is always a cool addition to a game launcher and the Game Launcher Creator supports most popular video formats. You can full-scale your video as a backdrop or size it and position it however you want.

All of the built-in objects come with configurable properties such as size, position, layer and additional fields.

I have also included a tutorial video below for you to have a glimpse into what GLC offers. It is an actively developed product, so feedback is always welcome and any new features. We are currently working on some new features as we speak.

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