RClan GTA V Launcher Template

Here is a free template for you to use, modify and distribute.

This template is for use with Game Launcher Creator and features a Grand Theft Auto background with two sub-sections in the foreground. First a sub-window linking to your forums and the second to a list of hi-scores retrieved from a server. It also features an update button and three main buttons that perform actions.

It is a clean template with an editable PSD file where you can modify stuff. Perfect for a GTA V Game Launcher.

Feel free to modify, distribute and use for your GTA V Game Launchers.

RClan GTA V Launcher

How to install and use

Download your chosen template. You should receive a ZIP file. Extract the files from this zip file to the Template folder Game Launcher Creator installation folder.

This folder is typically C:\Program Files (x86)\GLCreator\Templates unless you changed it at installation. Restart Game Launcher Creator to see the new template.