GameGuru 3D Game - Free Template

Presenting the GameGuru Template for Game Launcher Creator.

Game Launcher Creator is compatible with any game engine and all templates are also compatible with any game engine. You can design your own or use a pre-made template. There are no boundaries. This is a free template. Just download, extract and launch GLC.

Installation Instructions:
Once you have downloaded the free ZIP file from our servers, extract the contents to your GLC Template directory. This is typically situated where you installed Game Launcher Creator to (ie: C:\Program Files(x86)\GLCreator)

How to install and use

Download your chosen template. You should receive a ZIP file. Extract the files from this zip file to the Template folder Game Launcher Creator installation folder.

This folder is typically C:\Program Files (x86)\GLCreator\Templates unless you changed it at installation. Restart Game Launcher Creator to see the new template.