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[RELEASE] Trinitycore Players online (Including total alliance & Horde)


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Trinitycore Total online (includes total online, total alliance & total horde)

Inside all 3 php files you need to modify the database information resembling something like this :

$host = "localhost"; 
$user = "azerothcore";
$pass = "azerothcore";
$char_db = "stygian_characters";

All 3 files will have this they need to be changed in everyone.

(I personally recommend running these from your portable Apache server that comes with most trinitycore servers (Apache\httpdoc) instead of hosting these externally for security reasons)

Place all 3 onto your webserver & follow the same steps provided in the FiveM player query

Once you have done that.

Go back to GLC and insert a Query String for use of all 3 sets of information you will require 3 sets of Query Strings set onto your project!



Enjoy! Trident

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