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"Update & Start App" button combined


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I would like to bring up an idea for an hybrid Update & Start App button.

It will be a flexible addition to AOPS auto-update and "Updater" auto-update, which run at launcher.exe start,
and the dedicated update button, in fact it would eliminate the latter so your UI will be less cluttered, because it combines normal execute and update into one.

There is a file attached showing how it could look in GLCs UI.

The Button would react upon launcher's secret update check to know if update is needed, if yes it will change its appearance to that of an update button (see image), if not, it just stays in its normal state.

The action being perfomred by clicking is that of starting AOPS or just normal execute application.

When launcher.exe is still checking for an update or waits for a timeout because no internet, the hybrid-button could have a greyed out state or change to a gear icon.

Tl;Dr: Button that changes appearance and behavior if update is available, if none found it just stays a normal execute button.

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My Launcher Updater Lineage 2 work with this one button, Start is possible after check if need update