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Here's my personal wishlist to take full advantage of GameLauncherCreatorV2

  1. Option to enable the capability to move launcher freely around by click & dragging the background. (Currently fully static)
  2. Integrated Edge Browser to be replaced with Chromium, would be so much more pleasant to work with.
  3. Ability to open target _blank website links within the webpage object in default browser of operating system. Yet again tenfolds design possibilities and usability of interactive buttons and much more.
    I really hope this becomes possible to open with the default browser of the user's os.  (Currently, links do not open external at all)
  4. The header close button is inactive, launcher can only be closed via File->Exit. Would be great to have a functional close button.
  5. Splash Screen does not fully support inivisible PNG images. Would be great to not display the grey background but having a clean invisible background instead.
  6. Tooltips for buttons would be great to have. With possibility to display them on top of web pages and everything else. (top layer)
    Following tooltip options would be great to have:
    rounded-edges option, coloring option, opacity option, direction option, font option

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1. This is already implemented and used by most users. I have answered your query in relation to this in the bug section.

2. This is for sure in the pipeline

3. This will happen when we rewrite the Edge to Chrome webview object

4. This is by design.

5. There is a demand for this and we are working on it for a future update, it won't be too long off.

6. This is also on the #roadmap for a future update. I like this idea.