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Hello, I want to take a chance in giving feedback and maybe help a project grow in its developement.

I have a background with tools like AutoPlay Media Studio and Autoplay Menu Builder and are used to some little helper tools that, in my opinion, would be nice to have in GLC.
The mentioned tools are very comfortable to "design" with and the resulting applications can be used for anything except patching.
I would like to get a similar experience with GLC and profit from AOPS in the process.

I will write down a list of things i miss from competitor tools, ideas, wishes and what come to my mind.

1. Freely movable Launcher

I read that this should already be possible, but it's not working for me.
Basically, all objects except for buttons or a text box where you could copy from (bullet 9.) should be draggable by mouse.
The window caption (minimize, exit X) are actually rendering into my launcher, taking away space, or just don't
go with the design one might choose, so a valid draggable surface is lost.


2. Window caption (minimize, exit X) is rendered into the launcher and not above it
I now have to measure the space the bar takes away and have to resize my background window/all controls that I set.
Couldn't GLC move all objects/background image down by X amount of pixels by itself when we build the launcher?
This would free us from the work of redoing or measuring in the first place.
How it should look:
How it is now (bad):


3. Alignment controls
I got to love this tool for various WYSIWYG editors.
Align left, right, top, bottom of the center of the Launcher or relative to the first selected object.
The relative alignment is key as I use this very much on my projects and it would help me in GLC too.


4. What layer is actually the most bottom?
Layers got mentioned in the Webview documentation as always-on-top, so I guess layer 1 is the foreground while 8 is background.
Which brings me to my next wish: An always-on-top option for the Launcher itself.


5. Launcher properties
Using resource Hacker to change an icon is okay, I guess, but I would like to change it in GLC.
In addition, I would like to control the Version information, Author, Copyright, ProductName etc.
of the launcher so the customer can inspect these values in Windows's.Exe properties.
A current project I'm working on is at version 1.3 too, which caused some confusion because the launcher is currently v1.31 because of the GLC's version. Maybe a GLC internal Build number would help too.
A properties window controlling all these settings could also house the color, fade-time, edges etc. of tooltips.


6. How do you determine if an internet connection is available?
I could find a use for this feature if you can bind it to a specific IP to check if the "service" itself is broken or blocked.
A user having a proxy server blocking the "service" is still having valid internet,
or the way the launcher checks the connection might get blocked (?) but the "service" actually could work.


7. Just use AOPS without a launcher/ skipping the launcher if everything is up-to-date
The launcher would start with auto-Update (AOPS?), immediately checking for updates. Nothing is visible for the user yet.
If no updates were found, it would just start a target (new, would start some kind of button-action)
OR start the launcher itself (that's what's happening now).
It would always start the Launcher if an update is available to give the user control about this process.
The user then can read up about changes that might get shown in the launchers webview-object and could use the launcher as normal.

What would this achieve: Users, start a shortcut from their desktop, expecting a game to start, instead they always get a launcher with the news in their face, which won't get updated so often, then they press PLAY to finally start the game.

I would like to skip this part until actually something new happens, which is most likely to happen with an update of the game itself.

Also: This way we could make use of only AOPS with the launcher-part being a fallback/shown at the event of an update or completely unconfigured/disabled/skipped (I like the SKIP here, enables more freedom how we use AOPS and the launcher without splitting the software itself, saving time for users and us).

This addition should include an option to automate the start of an application if an update was completed successfully, skipping the launcher completely,basicly letting us use only the AOPS.

PS: instead of immediately starting an application after an update, a timer could be used.
The timer might be graying out the launcher or be displayed as a number on a button, counting down,
if no user-interaction is happening it starts the target application.
The timer could also be controlled by an integer value we could get from a query-string
(if nothing is returned, the timer gets disabled).

Long story short:
Start  Launcher-> auto updatecheck -> Update available -> YES -> show launcher and abaility to update
............................................................................................ -> NO  -> start game/application/target immediatly without showing launcher


8. A multiline Textstring with actual word wrapping
Wrapping a word/line would be bound to the actual borders of the text-string object.


9. Textbox with a string people could copy from
This textbox would load a text from a file source/web/queries and users could mark and copy the text from the box.
I would use this for voucher code distribution that would be controlled from my webserver.
A querrystring would load a voucher (or whatever) into the users launcher.
People like to put codes into things and getting something out of it.

I know this could also be done by just using the webview-object and my webpage, but this always requires an internet connection.


10. Tooltip box with dynamic tooltips depending on what you are mouseover with
This text string would change to a tooltip string according to the button/object you are currently mouseover with.
I don't know if tooltips would scale on 125% windows scaling, also they are not so user friendly in my opinion.
A place with this box, always showing what a button does is a nice place to rest your eyes, expecting content to explain what anything does.

**this is mostly ramble**
11. Why am I getting asked for "Launcher filename (without.Exe)"
Just build the thing with the name I gave the project's save file, I will probably rename it anyways.

Also, don't minimize my windows of all the tools, I have to open them by hand again (oh no!).
Why save the project again when I close GLC when I just did it by hand?
Ask me about saving my project files if they really aren't saved yet, I mean that's the point of the question.
Don't ask if nothing was changed.
**Sometimes I don't get asked to save when I didn't change a thing, does the additional save dialog only  popup after building a project? **

I understand why you do these things, these are not problems/Bugs, just inconvenient in my mind.
Feelings of inconvenience will build up and are the first things, making you feel frustrated, even if its a tiny small thing in reality.
Block any user control of the GLC when building/make building always-on-top window.
That's me rambling about user friendly WYSIWYG cause I'm used to other tools, i will get used to this too.


12. Locking Webview-object
I have a tiny webview-object that only shows scrollbar's because the web server is broken.
This results in me not accidentally scrolling/moving the object, I would like to lock it.


13. Grouping of objects
I can drag objects that overlap around. I'm getting used to it over the time, but it was strange at first.
I expect selecting multiple objects with shift+click and then moving them around, locking them in place or grouping them so they become one big object to drag around. Grouped objects could be moved by Alignemt Controls (3.) while still being one big object.
Would be convenient, but certainly not a must have. We build a Launcher/Patcher, not an attorney/Application front-end.


14. Second action for buttons
If for some reason the first action is not available or rendering the button grey (like target file not found, query-string returned some value or 'null', no registry key found, etc.) a second action could be performed instead.
Popup Messagebox, page-switch or just being able to select from the default actions a button could do. This is something that no Autoplay builder-tool offered me in the past.


15.Random questions, more ramble:

Shaped Backgrounds (.png as background) are planned, so i didn't include them.
Also i seem to not understand the floating WYSIWYG window, does it mean i can drag the launcher in editor mode around?
Why isn't that just default? Me not moving the thing is the same as having the feature disabled, which renderes the option useless.

Also floating logo should be disabled to begin with if it "speeds up the process".
Why even include a demanding non-feature like this if you suggest disabling it anyway.

Also change the "do not preview videos in editor" to "Enable video preview".
If it is that demanding of a feature i should make the extra step to actually enable it if i really want to have it.

basicly: You don't give me "Options" with this stuff, you give me solutions to problems you invent/enabled yourself.
Option should mean me enabling something, getting additional from something, getting more advanced.
Not freeing myself from anything.


But thats me. I'm happy with the software since version 1.31. I can finally use the AOPS.
Keep up the good work! I hope you can take something away from this that makes GLC even better for everyone.

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Levent Han
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I hope I post this on right place.
I would like to see this in GLC: (I will add more when I have more suggestions)
#1: Copy&Paste of content.
 - Basicly adding button. -> resize it -> than CTRl+C it and just CTRL+V