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Add Snapping and Alignment Tools to Help Position Objects  


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27/08/2018 7:02 am  

Hello. Thanks for creating Game Launcher Creator. This is a time saver, for sure.

I think it would be great if you could add snapping (or snapping to a grid) so that it would be easier to visually position objects, like buttons. Centering would be good, too, so the end-user could center an object (like a button) on their background. And, lastly, alignment tools would be great so that objects could be aligned left, right, and center based on a selected item. If it is too much to ask to be able to multi-select to do this, then perhaps an object could be selected, then alignment shows up in the properties (the end-user could select left, right, or center) and then a drop down could be there for selecting what to align to (i.e. an already placed object, etc.).

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27/08/2018 2:59 pm  

Hey ArgentAnts,

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll be sure to implement more position and scaling control in a future version.

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