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Using GLC as Installer


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I was wondering if you could use GLC as game installer.


The idea behind it is easy: You create a launcher, a version file and distribute it. Then, if the  launcher is started, the launcher notices that there is Version 0 in the versions txt file and would download the current files from the server.

Would this work already or would this be something for a wishlist?

Danny Jay
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Hi MartinPR,

There are a few unconventional methods you can use in your approach to the launcher. Indeed, some people have used it as an 'installer' but in an unorthodox fashion.

It's not really something we can add to the roadmap because we already have a professional patching software that can do this and we are currently developing an actual installer creator software too, so they would conflict.

However, we do not discourage people from using GLC V2 creatively to it's limits.