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Disabling Launch Button until the update check was done


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I wonder if there is an option to disable the launch button until the launcher has checked for updates / installed updates. There is fo example a feature where you can disable the update button if there is no update, so it would be great if you could do the same for the launch button. 

Sometimes it can take a second or more until the launcher checks for updates and the "player" would just click launch before the update check is done. So it would be great to set the Launch button inactive until the update check is done and if there are no updates or if the game was just updated and checked again to enable the button.

Maybe this exists already but I could not find a topic with such info.

Danny Jay
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Hi MartinPR,

hmm, I thought I had implemented this. I will definitely review this feature and ensure it's on the roadmap to be developed, as I too think it's important.

You should be able to check the update properties 'auto-update' and 'force update' in the GLC properties...