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Webview Bug


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Hi there,


just wanted to report some things about the WebView component. For some reason the webview component only renders javascript if you are on the first page that you open. As soon as you visit another page, javascript is no longer working. I added the custom header to the site to play with it but no changes.


I am aware that you are in the progress to revamp the webview component, but I still wanted to report this one. I would also recommend to disable SHIFT+left mouse cause you can open a webview page in the browser that way, which some users might not want.

I, for example, bought this prroduct to basically have a browser kiosk (keeping people inside the launcher app) so they don't use the website itself without the launcher 🙂 Sure, you can always get around this but still, it would be great to make it a bit harder.

Besides that, this is really a great app.

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Hello MHD webview component is still being worked on we will post more updates on the forums and discord