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Various Bugs  


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29/12/2019 5:08 pm  

Windows 10 - Version 1909
Game Launcher Creator PRO - Version 1.30

Core Issues:

  1. Game Launcher Creator PRO V2 cannot be made smaller by either double clicking the header bar nor by clicking onto the double square button. It can only be made smaller to a fixed size by dragging the window down. However its size is extremely missplaced which means that the menus and pages do not even truly fit into the window.
  2. The Game Launcher Creator PRO V2 flickers the entire screen in case you're moving the editor around. Most likely because it tries to go back into full screen mode.
  3. When the editor is minimized, the menus (when clicked) do open at the very top left of your Monitor, rather than within the Software itself. ( i use a single wide-screen monitor 3440 x 1440, so you can imagine that the menus are opening far off the actual tool)
  4. The Preference setting (Floating WYSIWYG Editor Window) does not change anything at all. Everything floats eitherway.
  5. The actual workspace (Editing a Page) keeps on being dragged back into the middle of the screen after moving it around and then clicking onto other windows. In some cases it can't be moved at all even with the preference set to on. Maybe after selecting an image as background?
  6. Object Inspector does not display anything at all but is always empty. Only in some rare cases it shortly flickers with currently active objects.
  7. Web Page Object can not be right clicked to trigger a direct menu selection. Properties can only be modified through View-> Object Properties menu. And that doesn't always work either because selecting the web object seems to be buggy.
  8. Web Page Object Layer Option does not actualy change its layer, it's always forced to be up front. This makes it impossible to have buttons above a web page object.

    Bugs which are not always reproducable:

  9. Changing Button to use an image does not always update immediately, you may have to close and re-open the entire page just for the button to be visualy updated to the chosen picture. This happened to me on all buttons until i entirely restarted the Creator.
  10. Button positions seem to behave strangely when creating multiple buttons. It happened a lot of times that the a LOCKED position of my last selected button magicaly jumped away from its position after i clicked onto a new button i've just created.
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29/12/2019 10:24 pm  

11. Retrieve from Registry Button Action does not find determined files, thus the button doesn't work at all.

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30/12/2019 11:51 am  

11. isn't a bug, but an issue in the Tutorial. The tutorial states to set the Registry key as follows:
However it should be actualy set as:

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03/01/2020 4:34 pm  

Hey Everglade,

Thanks for the report. Let me take this opportunity to reply to some/most of them...

1 and 2 - This is intentional, the software utilises the GPU so you can have a smoother experience with editing a live launcher. The background window needs to remain open and fullscreen (hence no restore button). It acts as the parent window for all the child windows (dialogs/WYSIWYG editor) etc.

3 - I'm unsure how you achieved this? Did you click a menu open and then minimize? If so, I will fix that right away.

4 - I can confirm, along with other users, that this preference setting does indeed work. Can you confirm that selecting/deselecting the checkmark then closing/re-opening the prefs dialog actually saves the preference selected?

5 - Do you mean if you make a substantial change, when the page reloads it centres back to the screen? If so, I can add a preference for this to save the last window position...

6 - Unsure on the cause of this. This happened in one of the very early versions but never since. I will look into it again, although I did make some changes in this next update coming out today, hopefully 1.31 will solve this.

7 - This is a confirmed 'issue', it's because it's a live draw of the actual object. In the next 1-2 update, I intend to replace the live web view object with a static representation. It will allow for resizing, movement and object selection just like a button/image etc.

8 - This will always be the case. I could change it for the live editor but the launcher runtime would still allocate it to the top. This is because it is a windows control and all windows controls are drawn to the upmost layer, I have no control over this at all.

9 - I can't reproduce, but will certainly get the testers on it to see if they can, then I can fix once I see the issue.

10 - The lock feature was introduced not too long ago, so it's still a work-in-progress, for now it's mostly used for critical placement but I will work on this again for the next update when I introduce snapping and grids too.

11. I will need a better example or video of this. I have tried with multiple registry buttons and all of them work so I'm failing to reproduce.

12. I will look into this.