Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Sales Questions

Want to know more about GLC before you purchase?

Game Launcher Creator is a product that has been around since the beginning of 2018.

It is a software development tool that will allow you to design and create your own Game Launchers for your own game developments, or for any online game you play.

You can customize it completely, insert objects, customize those objects and build your launchers to pass to your users, friends, family or communities.

Yes, entirely that. Here at ByteBox Media, we work on Game Launcher Creator V2, improving the performance and developing new features for Game Launcher Creator every single day.

We work on it 6 days a week and are constantly updating the software with new features, new library content and much, much more. Game Launcher Creator is our flagship software and we are very proud of it.

We will continue to develop and polish Game Launcher Creator for many years to come.

If there isn’t a feature in GLC that you would like to see, we are always interested in hearing from you.

Please do drop us an email or chat to us via our Discord Channel to let us know your feedback. We welcome your feedback and we are constantly looking to develop new features to keep GLC the number one Game Launcher development tool on the market!

Technical Support

Questions and troubleshooting using Game Launcher Creator V2

Game Launcher Creator V2 will install to your hard drive on your computer, to a location of your choice. We recommend you keep the recommended path the installer chooses, but you can change it if you want. A full install of Game Launcher Creator V2 should take no more than 100mb of disk space.

Whilst GLC runs smooth on 99% of computers and laptops, there are a few things you can try if Game Launcher Creator seems a bit laggy on your computer.

GLC runs on your GPU, not your CPU. It does this for better and faster performance. Follow these steps and you should be on your way to a flawless development…

  1. Download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card
  2. Download and install the DirectX9 runtime files (sometimes, these are required if not installed by windows) – You can download from here – DX9 Runtime
  3. Turn off Video Previews in the GLC preferences. Live video previews directly in the editor will cause slowdowns as GLC renders the video live. You can turn these previews off by going to EDIT in the menu, clicking Preferences and checking the box that says ‘Do not preview videos in the editor’
  4. If you are running GLC on a lower-end machine and want better performance, you can open task manager when GLC is running by pressing Ctrl+Shift+ESC, right-clicking on Game Launcher Creator, selecting ‘Go to Details’ then when it highlights the executable, right-clicking on that and setting priority to High (or realtime).
  5. If you have a low-end computer or laptop, ensure no other programs are hogging your GPU or memory. If it is indeed a lower-end machine, it’s probably best you close down all other programs before running GLC.

If you’re looking for information or help on how to do something specific with Game Launcher Creator, then please head over to our Documentation section online. Everything is pretty much covered. If you are still having difficulties, join us in our Discord channel for support.

GLC V1 was designed with a static workspace (ie: nothing moved) – in GLC V2, we have rewritten this so now it’s a complete floating workspace, so you can customize it to suit you working with V2. We do recommend a minimum screen resolution of 1366×768 but if you can work with at least 1920×1080, your life will be much easier.

If things do seem a bit too much on a smaller resolution, you can close any of the dialogs and just open them when needed via the View menu inside GLC.

This will be a common occurrence to those without a beasty machine. GLC V2 tries to render everything live inside the editor, to give a truly WYSIWYG experience. However, videos are rendered live and they can take up a lot of memory, making things slower. You can deactivate video previews by going to Edit in the menu, selecting Preferences and disabling the Video Previews in the editor.

Dialog positions are saved to a preferences file. If you find you moved a dialog off-screen and now can’t find it or grab it, you can go to the Edit menu, select Preferences and click ‘Reset Positions’. This will reset all dialog positions back to default.

If you get a crash or freeze with GLC, we have Developers on standby, waiting to hear from you. We are a pro-active development team with developers and support staff online 24/7. Please email us, describing the crash (or suspected bug) with details of how it happened (or how we can reproduce it) and some information about your computer. We will get onto it immediately. You can email us or join us in our Discord channel here.

We periodically release new updates to GLC V2 in order to keep the product fresh and bug-free. Sometimes you may need to update to the latest version in order to get the latest fixes.

You can check if you have the latest version by going to the menu (Help > Check for Updates) if there is an update available, you can choose to download and install it.

Remember to have your serial key ready.

Licensing Support

Licensing Questions

Game Launcher Creator V2 can be purchased from our online store (direct) or via our partners The Game Creators and Clickteam.

You can purchase from any of these stores, however you can only upgrade from our direct store. On our website (direct) we accept all Major Credit and Debit Cards (even standard bank cards) and your information is secure and protected via SSL and Stripe™. All payments are handled via Stripe™.

When you purchase GLC V2, you will be assigned your very own Serial Key. This serial key is yours and is unique only to you. We recommend you print it off and store it somewhere safe. It will also be held on your account online so you can access it any time.

You are permitted to install GLC V2 to two machines. After that, you must email us. We have no problem resetting serial keys as we understand some people may want to work off 1-2 computers and Windows re-installs do happen. We are friendly, so just pop us an email and we’ll see what we can sort out for you.

However, we take piracy very seriously here, so as per our Terms and Conditions, you should never, ever share your serial key with anyone. As part of our EULA and Terms and Conditions, any serial key found to be shared online or anywhere else, will be terminated and banned from future use. All support for this serial key will be dropped.

Please keep your serial key safe, secure and do not share with anybody.

When you build a launcher with GLC V2, you have a Royalty-Free license to distribute your game launchers to anyone without paying royalties.

Here at ByteBox Media, we do not want royalties, your creation is yours to own, so you are free to distribute the launcher (executable) and your content along with it without ever worrying about paying us royalties. Enjoy!

Yes. You are granted absolute permission to use any templates, graphics or videos that come pre-installed with GLC and/or the GLC Library. Personal or Commercial.

Sales / Billing Support

Sales and Billing Support

If you are trying to order GLC V2 and are experiencing difficulties, please do contact us.

You can email us direct or chat to us via Live Chat support (bottom of website).

We can assist with your order and any relevant details that are causing a problem with your order.

Absolutely. We take pride in ensuring all personal and private information (as per our privacy policy and terms and conditions) is safe, secure and private.

All payments are handled by our payment processor Stripe™. They are the biggest online payment processor in the world.

Rest-assured, we have used them for 3+ years and have never had a single issue to date. Just remember, when purchasing anything online, to double-check the padlock is valid at the side of the URL (address bar) and you’re good to go.

We have an SSL certificate which enables us to provide secure transactions with Stripe™ at all times.

To ensure safety and security, please do never give anybody your login details or your serial key over the internet.

Also remember to change your password every so often.

You sure can. We offer upgrades to our special V1 users at a hugely discounted price.

You can read more about that here.

This offer is only valid until the 20th December 2019, so if you are a V1 user, please upgrade to V2 before this date.

Further Help and Support

Game Launcher Creator comes packed with exclusive features for you to design and build your own game launchers!