Game Launcher Pages

Standard Game Launcher Pages

In GLC V2, you start off with two pages, Splash and Main.

To edit either page, you can right-click on any of the pages and a popup menu will appear. From here you can select Edit Page or Page Properties.

Edit page will instruct the editor to load up that particular page and Page properties will bring up the properties for that specific page.

More Game Launcher Pages

Game Launcher Creator V2 allows multiple pages. By right-clicking in the page dialog or on a page icon, you will be presented with a popup menu and various options.

You can choose to Edit Page which will instruct the editor to load that selected page up to edit. You can choose Page properties which will load up the current properties for that particular page.

You can also Add, Remove or Rename pages in this dialog too.

To Clone a page, you can right-click on a page and select Clone. This will clone the page, once cloned, you can rename and edit the page as you wish.