How to Clear FiveM Cache (GTA V)

There are many reasons why you (or your players) would want to clear their FiveM cache from their computer.

Clearing the cache enables fresh files to be downloaded, including updates, scripts and mods. In this tutorial, we show you how you can delete all the folders inside the Cache folder, except Game.

The EXE file can be found on our forum or in our discord you will have access once you have brought GLC.

Clearing the Cache with your launcher

Once you have created your launcher you can then configure a button within GLC V2 to execute this EXE file, once clicked. To do that, simply insert a new button into your launcher, right-click on the button and select properties.

In the properties dialog, select Execute Game/App and then type in the filename of the EXE file, for example…

Clear Cache Button GLC V2

Once you have a button configured and your launcher has been built, you need to ensure you copy the EXE file you created and put it inside the same folder as your built launcher executable.

If you intend on shipping your launcher to other users, be sure that this EXE file is included with your launcher.

It really is as simple as that to do with Game Launcher Creator V2.