Change Launcher Icon with ResHacker

It is completely possible to change your final launcher executable icon using Resource Hacker. Having this ability allows you to change your final build icon that will appear on Windows desktops for your game launchers.

What is Resource Hacker?

Resource Hacker is an awesome old-skool application that allows you to change the icon inside compiled executables for Windows™. It also allows for editing other limited resources, although we do not recommend doing this with your game launchers as it can cause incompatibility and the compilations may not be successful. This is because the launcher executables are actually pre-defined runtimes.

You can download Resource Hacker here. It is free to use.

WARNING: This feature is now not advised to use within Game Launcher Creator V2. The ResHacker tool will re-compile the binary in such a way that Antivirus software will flag it as a false positive. It is also against the GLC V2 End-User License Agreement to modify the launcher runtime binary.

How to change the Launcher Icon…

Changing the game launcher icon is very simple to do. You first open up Resource Hacker, like so…

Resource Hacker Application

Once it’s open, click on File > Open and navigate to where your built launcher is

when you’ve located your launcher executable, click on open…

This will now open up the executable inside Resource Hacker. This will now allow you to import icons and change version information.

Changing the Executable Icon

To change the icon, you must have a .ico file ready. You can find lots of free ones online. However, if you want to design your own, we recommend you export a 256×256 version of your icon as a transparent PNG (PNG32) and then use a free tool online to convert it to an ICO file.

Once you have done this, click on Action in the menu and then Replace Icon (Or press Ctrl+R)

When the dialog opens, click Open file with new icon, navigate to the folder which contains your ICO (Icon File) and then select it and click Open…

Open Icon file

Then click on the Replace button…

Replace EXE Icon

Once you have clicked Replace, Resource Hacker will import the new icon and overwrite the old icon.

New executable icon

Simply click on File > Save and your new launcher icon will be there. You will also see a backup of your original launcher, just in case something goes wrong and you need to revert back.

Final Icon Compilation

N.B – It is advisable to only do this on your final launcher build, as re-building your launcher from Game Launcher Creator will overwrite the compiled launcher again.