Custom Game Launcher Development

Aim Gods Custom Game Launcher

We design and develop complete, custom game launchers for your game developments.

We have worked with major companies to streamline their own custom launchers since 2009.

Aim Gods Custom Game Launcher

Game and app development companies choose us for their custom launcher developments because we have over 20 years experience!

When it comes to custom launcher development, we know exactly what features you’ll be looking for.

We will build your launcher projects from scratch and to specification.

How will a custom launcher benefit me?

A custom game launcher will be the first thing your user interacts with before the game. Showcase your game or company’s brand off in a professional design.

Your custom game launcher will be completely bespoke and tailored to suit your requirements including how it looks and how it functions.

Add modern encryption routines to your game launcher which means you can do file integrity scanning and patching on-the-fly. Keep your game files intact at all times.

Have your game launcher interact with other services such as external APIs, SDKs or your own database.

There are no limits as to what your game launcher can do.

Designed from Experience

We have designed and developed a lot of custom launchers over the years.

Using C++, C# and Fusion we are able to deliver high performance, state-of-the-art game launchers.

Our in-house designers can work with you (or your designers) to come up with the ultimate design for your custom launcher.

We can work with modern transparency techniques to enhance your launcher design with design transparency for the window shape.

REST Technology Integrated

Game Launcher Layout 5

With the advancement of technologies, we are able to develop and integrate RESTful technology.

This means there is room for full database integration, allowing permissions, capabilities and downloads for specific users.

We can code your launcher to communicate with many different services and databases.

With RESTful technology, we can build a new database or use your existing database to allow user login to the launcher.

Allow your users to login and purchase items, mods and other entities directly inside your game launcher.

With a database in action, you can permit access to certain sections of your launcher to specific users with the correct permissions.

We design and develop complete, custom game launchers for your game developments.

We have worked with major companies to streamline their own custom launchers since 2009.


“The developers from GLCV2 at ByteBox Media handled our launcher project from start to finish with complete professionalism on all fronts”

 Compatible with any game engine…

No matter whether you’ve developed your game with a game engine, or designed your own game engine, it is completely compatible.

Whether you used Godot, Unity, Unreal Engine 4/5 or whether you have used Electron, Java, C++ or C# we can make it happen!

Blazing Fast Downloads and Patching

Over the years we have developed many download and patching systems for custom game launchers.

If you are looking for integrated, built-in file patching technology, we can write this directly into your game launcher. This is useful for performing file integrity checks and also ensure there is no cheating going on client-side!

Aim Gods Custom Game Launcher

Windows Deployment

Our launchers come completely free from dependencies. They require no special runtime or .NET environments.

We can also code your launcher to install specific dependencies should your game require them such as DirectX runtimes or .NET frameworks.

Speak to use about your project…

There are two ways you can get in touch with us regarding your custom launcher project.

We recommend you join our Discord server and open a #custom-programming-job ticket to speak directly to our devs.

Alternatively, you can fill out the form below and someone will be back in touch within 72 hours.

Open a Custom Programming Job ticket.

Send us a message directly to our email.