Build your own Dynamic Game Launchers...No Programming Required!

Building Your Game Launcher

Build Your Game Launcher

Building your game launcher is a very easy and painless procedure as we will look at inside here.

To start building your Game Launcher (even just to test), select Build Launcher from the left-hand GLC Menu. Your launcher preview window will change and the build launcher dialog should appear, like so…

Build Your Game Launcher

At this point, you can specify the filename of the launcher in the SideBar Builder and then proceed to Build the Launcher by clicking the Build Launcher button.

Once the Game Launcher Creator starts to build your launcher, the Build Launcher window will keep you updated with the current progress and where it is currently up to. This provides you with a visual idea of what’s going on with the current build process. Once this is complete, Game Launcher Creator will open up the directory where your launcher has been built to.

You will end up with one file and one folder. The executable file will be splash.exe or what ever you named your launcher in the Sidebar. Feel free to rename this after build.

You will also end up with a data folder. This contains all the necessary data including images, buttons, videos and music/sounds contained inside your launcher. You may distribute the launcher executable and the data folder along with your game.

Note: Every time you build a launcher with Game Launcher Creator, it generates a log file in your temporary application directory. You can access this at any time. It’s handy to see what’s being outputted by the builder, just in case something goes wrong or you need to debug an error. You can find your temporary app folder by typing %appdata% into the search box on your start menu and pressing enter on your computer, then navigating to the roaming folder, then down to the M4D\Splash folder. Like so…

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